Industry 2030

Commerce 2030 - Report 02

Dive Without Fear Jun 19, 2023

What will life after cheap money look like for the Luxury, Beauty and Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, and Retail sectors?

In Industry 2030 – the second report in our Commerce 2030 series – we translate the foresights from Life After Cheap Money into sector level implications.

These brief, but densely-packed, papers open the worlds of 2030, highlighting how the forces of Weaponised Interdependence, Climate Change, and State Capacity will remake commerce.

Each is comprised is of five parts:

  1. Overview of commercial worlds of 2030
  2. Key Messages about the sector’s operation in 2030
  3. New Rules of Commerce shaping the sector
  4. Artefacts of Tomorrow grounding the changes in speculative design
  5. Three future markets drawn from SIMON, our simulation engine

Download the Beauty and Cosmetics report.

Download the Food and Beverage report.

Download the Luxury report.

Download the Retail report.

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