We deliver future value by amplifying science with imagination.

Using a variety of computational models and immersive events, we simulate, evaluate, and explore possible tomorrows to identify high-value markets and decode the requirements to secure them.

Our four-step approach: evaluates emerging signals, grows future worlds using computational simulations, quantifies tomorrow’s markets, including how to make them real and brings them to life via immersive experiences.

Amplifying Science with Imagination

Jeff Roberts

Inventing future markets

We work with executive teams to invent tomorrow’s markets.

Untangling emergent futures to identify high-value opportunities and defining the requirements to make them real.

Evaluating emerging signals

We evaluate signals of possible tomorrows.

Augmenting human insight with artificial intelligence, we track and explore millions of signals, weaving them together into a variety of scenarios that open our exploration of tomorrows.

Growing future worlds

We grow future worlds using computational simulations.

Simulation allows us to explore millions of evolutionary possibilities. Providing an evaluation of the “stability” of potential futures as well as uncovering unanticipated novelty, emerging platforms, and unrealised markets.

Quantifying futures

We quantify Emerging Value and define what’s required to make it real.

In addition to sizing and valuing future opportunities, we define how to bring them to life. This includes internal factors such as capabilities and organisation design and external factors such as partners, suppliers, and regulatory regimes.

Experiencing tomorrows

We bring Emergent Value to life through immersive experiences.

Using approaches as varied as games, video, graphic storytelling, augmented and virtual reality, and physical events, we bring our clients into the future worlds of could bes and what ifs offering a deeper insight into potential tomorrows.